A Practical Introduction to Bioinformatics & Artificial Intelligence: A Clinician Education Session

The Cancer Genomics and Tumor Immunotherapy Symposium will host a virtual Education Session with a focus on bioinformatics and artificial intelligence on Thursday, November 19th, 2020. The purpose of the education session is to provide clinicians with a basic understanding of the fundamentals of these topics, as well as associated practical and laboratory aspects.

Target Audience

This session is designed for Residents, Fellows, Postdoctoral Researchers, and Physicians with an interest in immunology and developing translational immunotherapy research projects.


There is no fee to attend the education session. 


  • DATE: 19th November 2020 (1 day prior to CGP/TIP symposium)
  • LOCATION: Virtual - link to be e-mailed to participants the day prior to event


1:00 – 1:05
Aaron Hansen, MD
Bioinformatics Session
1:05 – 1:35
Overview of Bioinformatics: What are the platforms/ technologies used and its applications for Cancer Research
Ian Smith, PhD
1:35 – 2:05
The role of bioinformatics for the identification of predictive (or resistance) biomarkers
Petr Smirnov, PhD & Wail Ba-Alawi, PhD
2:05 – 2:35
In-silico analyses: how these can be used to identify promising anti-cancer therapies
Soheil Jahangiri-Tazehkand, PhD
2:35 - 2:45
Artificial Intelligence Sessions
2:45 – 3:15
Overview of Machine Learning: What technologies are used and what are the applications for Cancer Research
Arvind Mer, PhD & Wail Ba-Alawi, PhD
3:15 – 3:45
Overview of Artificial Intelligence: What is this technology and its applications for Cancer Research
Joseph Marsilla, PhD & Sejin Kim, MSc
3:45pm to 3:55pm
Feedback and Conclusion
Aaron Hansen, MD


  • Each session is 30 minutes long with a 25 minute presentation followed by 5 minutes for questions at the end of the session.